Kendrick Bourne: “Funny” to think you can make our offense one-dimensional

Kendrick Bourne: “Funny” to think you can make our offense one-dimensional

When discussing the approach to facing the Patriots this week, Colts linebacker Bobby Okereke said the team is focused on the New England run game.

Okereke said that the Colts are “just ready to attack the run and make them one-dimensional” after watching the way the Patriots played against the Bills in Week 13. Patriots wide receiver Kendrick Bourne said that he had to laugh when he heard those comments because his feeling is that the Patriots are able to adapt their offense to any look that a defense throws their way.

“I think that’s just funny. Obviously we’re not a one-dimensional team,” Bourne said, via Andrew Callahan of the Boston Herald. “Last week, we ran the ball, but conditions are conditions. That’s just a funny comment to me. I feel like we can do everything. We’re in control of what we do. . . . That way you can’t make us one-dimensional because we know every look. We’ve really practiced or tried every look. So that’s just a funny comment, in my opinion. But it’s all about playing on Sunday, for sure, and proving it. So that’s what I’ll say about that.”

The Patriots have won seven straight games, which is a pretty good argument for their ability to roll with the punches and figure out what’s needed to win on a weekly basis. The Colts will try to counter that argument at home on Saturday night.